Camp 19
Camp 19 is a prisoner of war camp set up by Abundance. Despite being locked up and subject to forced labor, the detainees are treated well... not that life there is particularly comfortable. The stretched guards watching over the prisoners have often resorted to abusive practices that have sometimes forced the camp's management to send the inmates on some dangerous missions.
Shadowlair is the largest city in Aurora, the young water company that made a spectacular entrance through the work of its numerous Technomancers. The city isn't as friendly as it once was. Basically, since the Technomancers seized power, the civil war has divided Shadowlair, with the Technomancers on one side and Wisdom Phillips's army imposing order with an iron fist, and the Resistance on the other, who will go to any lengths to topple the government.
Green Hope is one of the key agricultural complexes that Abundance and Aurora are fighting over. The two companies have fought many bloody battles to capture this site. Today, Green Hope is controlled by Aurora, who has carried out massive reconstruction works after the fighting damaged a vast area of it.